This site is dedicated to My Sister Dale and shared with cancer survivors, cancer patients, cancer victims and their loved ones.

My Sister Dale’s Garden is a magical path lined with fruit trees, gardenias, day lilies, and many other flowering plants. When entering her garden you are immediately captivated by its tropical feel even though it’s located in the California Desert.

It all began as a tribute to my only sister, just two and a half years younger than me. Dale was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away two years later after a tango like dance with the disease. 

The pictures on this website document the beauty and life that goes on after Dale’s death. Please visit the photo gallery where you will find over 5000 pictures. A whisper of Dale’s ashes grace the garden and I believe that she is the caretaker of every bulb, plant, tree and bird that flourishes. It started in a small area and then expanded to include a koi pond, grape arbor and vegetable garden. Dale’s nurturing touches every living thing on our property. The garden is a testament to the bravery of cancer survivors and cancer victims.

May Dale’s Garden bring joy and hope to cancer survivors, cancer victims and those who cherish their memories.